Monday, 2 January 2012

Goodbye 2011.

The bar was a complete wreck by the end of the night on New Years... booze swamped the deck and smithereens of a good time lay everywhere. When the clock struck Time, the last few of us standing abandoned it and locked the door...

And today, thanks to the tireless work of Hugo and myself,* the bar's all ship-shape again. Well as close to ship-shape as she'll ever be at least. Feels like a fresh start, and I've had a chance to think back on the year a little.

The bar was shaped by this years' departed. It was our major, major project, hewn out of early doors learning teams and informed by long, late night sessions. They called it 'Jack's' but really it was theirs, whether they knew it or not. There's no corner in the room that wasn't once centre stage for one of this gang of great and talented individuals and the bar will never be the same without them. These graduates will change the world we live in.

If The Gang made the bar, The Band played the bar. There at alpha and they'll be there again for omega I'm sure. My Elvis Blackout a year without practice are still Falmouth's best band and being Back in the Food Chain for NYE was a thrill and a pleasure boys.

So, what will 2012 hold? Will the bar become the home of even raw-er talent? Will MEB, with a reinvigorated taste for sweat and showmanship play again? Will I ever get the single speed bike of my dreams? Find out in 2012 on

*No really.

Vitamin MEB