Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Sorry that I've been away for so long. I've been very busy, but I'm back again. Not really much less busy, but back blogging again. Spent all evening with an eye on the LIVE US elections, it's been pretty politically charged down here and I'll be glad when Obama's announced the victor tomorrow morning (GMT). Here's just a couple of  the things I've been busy with:

#1. LAYING BAIT - Been luring in suckas.

#2. RIDING BIKES. - Been doing a lot of riding, both home on my road weapon and away on a borrowed hybrid.
#3. &P&B. - The bar's been busy. Like really, really busy. Beginning to ease off now for the term as loans start to stretch thin (more time to blog!)

#4. KEEPING IT PLAIN & SIMPLE. - At times I've had to take it back to the old school. I fell in love with a Nokia 100 while I was waiting for my broken iphone to be replaced. That thing does mother fucking CALLS.

#5. PARTY PLANNING. - The whole gang came together to throw a killer halloween party. The whole gang except for me, actually. I ended up doing pleasingly little in the way of organising or fretting, which was ace. Thanks guys.
It's good to be back.