Saturday, 10 November 2012


At Thursday teatime I tagged along with EW to the second UNTITLED Speaks discusion/debate. The topic at the table was 'Reality'. When it comes to art and art theory, I'm pretty uneducated so I was expecting to mainly be sat quietly trying not to fidget too much. Turns out it was great; a stimulating discourse in universal maxims and theories - nothing too art-centric - with just enough cut-and-thrust and point/counterpoint to be exciting and relevant. PLUS it was a great excuse for me to spend time in Espressini and admire the brand that Rupert and Joe are building... usually pretty tricky as I don't drink hot drinks.*

The next talk is at the same time, same place (18:30/Thursday/Espressini) and I plan on finding out the topic when I arrive,** though I'm sure it'll get announced before-hand.

Good work and thank you for holding court so ably, UNTITLED.

*They had Luscombe's Sicilian Lemonade though, which is like crack to me.

**Similar to my experience with lectures at university.